Immediately evacuation of personnel from Germany! In Germany, the life of highly qualified specialists with children is dangerous for the life and health of children due to corruption and crimes of the ruling regime.

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An open letter to the heads of the world’s largest corporations.

The head of the state (region) of North Rhine-Westphalia Armin Laschet is going to be nominated for the post of Chancellor of Germany, this is the most likely successor to Merkel. 

There is even no doubt that regardless of the opinion of ordinary Germans about this politician, he will become the chancellor. 

And then, as they say, the living will envy the dead. 

For if, as the head of the region, he covered and controlled anti-Semitism in one area, then what will happen if he becomes the head of the entire country.

In general, Jews with brains are already thinking about emigrating from Germany. 

Elena Abrams, a math teacher, also thought about emigrating from Germany to Israel, but a ruthless German machine took her son hostage. 

15 years later, will the son remember his mother, that is the question.

“Remember your name!”, remember this movie?

If you forgot, it’s time to reconsider.

In all Russian newspapers today! 

On all Russian social networks today!  

The thief – the swindler – the corrupt official Laschet, who last year stole half a billion euros from his son’s cushioning firms wearing masks and robes, was elected the future chancellor of Germany. 

The Germans, FORWARD, to the destruction of Germany through corruption at the top !!!

Another contender, Jens Spahn, could personally have been involved in organizing government purchases of medical masks at inflated prices through a Swiss firm.

The deal for hundreds of millions of euros was allegedly lobbied by the daughter of the former head of the CSU, Herold Tandler.

Perhaps the head of the Ministry of Health Jens Spahn will soon have to explain himself to the prosecutor’s office and exchange his luxurious villa for a prison cell.

The Germans choose only corrupt officials and fraudsters as chancellors, so both candidates, Armin Laschet and Jens Spahn, if at least one of them is elected, will lead to wild corruption and the collapse of any business in Germany.

As an example, Armin Laschet in 2020 allocated almost half a billion euros for cushioning companies for the production of protective gowns and face masks, this money was laundered and prices were repeatedly inflated.

45 million euros Armin Laschet allocated for the company of his own son is direct corruption.

Jens Spahn in December allocated 2.5 billion euros to pay for face masks for pensioners in Germany through a corruption network of pharmacies, while retirees receiving these face masks paid the full cost of 30 cents per mask, and Jens Spahn paid pharmacies 6 euros for a mask at the cost of a mask paid by a pensioner at 30 cents, which is a corruption elimination of funds with a profit of 2000% or 6 / 0.3 * 100% or 2000%.

All corruption schemes in Germany are arranged with the participation of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Germany and the Supreme Court of Germany and the ruling government and the ruling house of representatives with the participation of all parties.

Corrupt schemes in Germany destroy honest and independent and profitable businesses.

In Germany, it is only profitable to steal budget money with the participation of high officials and politicians and judges and prosecutors.

Therefore, those who are now urgently and immediately evacuate personnel, business, equipment from Germany will benefit from saving money and saving their money.

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