Merkel is Germany’s killer

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In November 2014, Academician Primakov gave an interview in which the issue of the German Chancellor was raised: “… As for Merkel, she is not durable either. And then, in the end, it will be clear why she turned 180 degrees and took this position. It seems to me that they will get to the bottom of this matter. “

After that Evgeny Maksimovich took a break and smiled with his characteristic meaningful smile, leaving no doubt about the essence of what was said.

Until recently, Angela Merkel, who was called the “Gray Pearl” and even “Teutonic Margaret Thatcher”, was extremely popular. And now she appeared before the world in a completely new guise – first after the coup d’etat in Ukraine, supported by the FRG, and now the current acute crisis with migrants, provoked personally by the German Chancellor.

“Color” revolutions in Africa, the war in Syria … Merkel’s reaction to these events was quite calm. Germany, by and large, did not allow itself to be drawn into any of the US adventures. Unlike France during the premiership of Nicolas Sarkozy, noted in Libya during the overthrow of Gaddafi.

Ukraine! Here is the beginning of the reincarnation of Mutti (“Mom”). If events had not happened in Ukraine, Merkel would have quietly and calmly reached the end of her political career and remained in memory as the best chancellor-burgher from the eastern lands of Germany. But the United States needed to start a dangerous game with Russia and include in it a bargaining chip – Ukraine!

The plan to tame the “Russian Bear” was thought out and accepted for execution. Association of Ukraine in the European Union, its entry into NATO – and the end of Russia! How clear and simple everything was … In Washington, starting this whole game, they could not even imagine that Ukraine is by no means the trump card that the “Moscow king” can play.

Combinators in the United States and their confidants have been preparing for a decisive battle for twenty years. It took several revolutions that changed the mentality of a significant part of the population in order to make a rabid Ukro-Maidania out of neutral Ukraine. They threw off the “bloody Yanek”, instead put the “chocolate” Poroshenko, the stoned Yatsenyuk and the “bloody pastor” Turchinov. And then there was an uncontrollable reaction, which ended with the withdrawal of Crimea from Ukraine and its return to Russia. Then the war in Novorossiya and complete uncertainty ahead.

The position of the United States should be noted here. Washington could not act directly. Their steps were limited to covert leadership, placement of personnel, declarations and visits to politicians. Cause? Ukraine remained in the sphere of direct interests of Moscow. Any decisive action was tantamount to declaring war on Russia. That’s when Merkel was activated, destroying her image that had developed over the years …

The crisis with migrants raised the question bluntly: in whose interests does the German Chancellor act? At the end of January 2016, six lawyers appealed to the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe with a statement that the German authorities were violating immigration laws.

The court was demanded to recognize the decision of Chancellor Angela Merkel of September 4, 2015, which opened the borders to refugees, contrary to the Federal Republic of Germany’s constitution. Also unconstitutional can be declared that Merkel did not allow the application of the norms of the Dublin Agreement and German laws on asylum and the right to stay.

According to the plaintiffs, government policies hinder their “voting rights” and the right to participate “in democratic decision-making.” If we discard the lacy words, then we are talking about actions that undermine not only the security of Germany, but deprive it of its future.

In politics, nothing happens just like that. So Frau’s “awakening” was not a spontaneous act. Her appearance on the stage in the Ukrainian game is, obviously, a forced payment on the accounts of her American patrons.

And if you accept this assumption, then many facts from her rapid career are explained, including the adoption of dangerous and not very beautiful decisions, as in the case of the discrediting of German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. And even facts such as the first marriage and divorce are being clarified, leaving a harmonious surname. And there are many other little things that do not matter for an ordinary person, but are very important for a politician. After all, the devil, as you know, is in the details.

The Rosenholz Dossier

So, Angela Dorothea Kasner, the third child in the family, was born on July 17, 1954 in Hamburg. Then her father, a Lutheran priest, moved the family to the GDR, to the parish he received in the small provincial town of Templin.

Frau was considered a purebred German, but some time ago her biographer Stefan Cornelius wrote in the book Angela Merkel – Chancellor and Her World that she turns out to be a quarter of a Polish woman. In 2013, the State Archives of Poznan (Poland) declassified documents detailing the relationship of the head of Germany with the Lyakhs. And this, perhaps, partly explains her dislike for Russia – you can’t always argue with genes …

Merkel’s grandfather, Ludwig Kazmerchak, was an illegitimate son – he was born in 1896 in Poznan, then part of Prussia. In the early twenties of the twentieth century, he moved with his mother to Berlin. The surname Kasner designed in 1930, after the birth of his son Horst, Angela’s father.

In her youth, Angela was a member of the “Union of Free German Youth”, but did not join the party – “remained untainted.” She brilliantly graduated from the Karl Marx University of Leipzig, worked at the Central Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the GDR. In 1986 she defended her doctoral dissertation.

Frau once told the ARD TV channel that in the late 1970s, after an interview as a young physicist at Ilmenau University for the position of a researcher, she was brought to an office that was occupied by an MGB officer. To the offer of cooperation, according to Merkel, she replied that she was not suitable for such work, because she did not know how to keep her mouth shut and would quickly blab everything to her friends: “That was all over, since the ability to remain silent was the main prerequisite for being recognized as fit ( to work at Stasi) “.

Not a bad version, however!

During her studies, Angela Kasner married Ulrich Merkel. After the divorce, she left her husband’s surname, consonant with “merklich”, that is, “noticeable”, “tangible”. She remarried in 1998 to chemist Joachim Sauer. The word “Sauer” means “sour”, so she wisely did not take his name.

Until the death of the GDR, Merkel was not involved in politics, but for some time was the secretary of the committee of the Union of Free German Youth, responsible for agitation and propaganda. But shortly before the unification of Germany, she joined the Democratic Aufbruch Party (Democratic Breakthrough). In February 1990, she became Deputy Press Secretary of the only non-communist government of the GDR under the leadership of Lotard de Maizières.

The leader of the Democratic Breakthrough was attorney Wolfgang Schnur. He had close business ties with Horst Kasner, Angela’s father. Moreover, Cord and the Kasner family were tied by friendly relations.

It soon became clear that Wolfgang Schnur was working with the Stasi as a freelance worker (pseudonym “Torsten”, aka “Dr. Ralph Schirmer”). Merkel personally brought these details to the press, which forced Shnur to leave, and Angela took the vacant chair.

In 1990, an extraordinary congress of the “Democratic Breakthrough” by a majority vote decided to join the West German Christian Democratic Union.

On the eve of the 38th Congress of the CDU, held in the fall of 1990 in Hamburg, Merkel had her first personal conversation with the chairman of the CDU and Federal Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl. Tom needed new women politicians in the party, who had not yet had time to bore voters, and Merkel met all these requirements.

“Helmut Kohl did everything for this woman when she was an unknown press secretary. He caught her among other political personalities of the former GDR, made her a minister, promoted her, took her into the office. Then there is a financial donation scam, and she publicly distances herself from her mentor, stabs him in the back. For him, this is a betrayal, “ – says the author of the book” Testament. Kohl’s Protocols ”Heribert Schwan.

But it will be later …

“All opposition groups grew out of the ground in a short time: September, October, November 1989, ” notes the co-author of the book “The First Life of Angela M.” Gunther Lachman. – Almost all the people with whom Angela Merkel then had political contacts during the changes that brought her into politics are people who previously worked for the Stasi. They were unofficial employees, or at least had contacts with the Stasi.

However, you never know who worked with whom and contacted? Another thing is important: the Stasi agents’ files, the so-called Rosenholz Dossier (Rosewood). In 1989, the dossier was secretly taken to the United States and only in 2003, with a creak, was returned back. But is that all? In Germany, they are convinced that by no means everything.

Renowned CIA analyst and now pacifist and founder of VIPS (Intelligence Veterans for Common Sense) Ray McGovern asked the question: “Who knows what documents exist on Angela Merkel and other politicians from East Germany ?! The potential for blackmail is substantial. “

Questions, questions …

In 2014, the newspaper “Argumenty Nedeli” published material under the heading: “Compromising evidence against the chancellor. Why Merkel is dancing to the American tune.

“Did Merkel in her youth … smoke weed?” – asked the columnist “AN”.

“According to some reports, it was for this illegal occupation that the East German Stasi caught the young Angela and made her a freelance agent, ” Colonel Makarov replied. – After the fall of the Berlin Wall, her agent case fell into the hands of the Americans. The CIA’s operations department took over. The operation to work with the Stasi archives was commissioned by CIA Director William Webster, nicknamed “The Judge,” to develop personally the head of the Operations Department, Steve Weber. The development team included: his deputy and curator of Europe Richard Stolz, the head of the Eastern European department of the CIA, an Irishman from Boston and a Harvard graduate Paul Redmond, the head of the foreign counterintelligence unit of this department, John O’Reilly, and the CIA resident in West Berlin, David Rolf “ (No. 46 of 4 December 2014).

These are the pies …

“Kolya’s Girl”

In the fourth cabinet, Kolya Merkel was unexpectedly announced for the post of Minister of Women and Youth Affairs. She performed well in the first parliamentary elections in the united Germany. I met the fishermen right in the pubs. “She promised, promised and promised all the time, ” the fishermen said later, “ and we voted for her. The promises remained unfulfilled. But we believed her. It was no longer possible to trust anyone, but at least she knew how to listen. “

Continuing her career in the CDU, Merkel tried to become the chairman of the party’s Brandenburg branch, but unsuccessfully. However, the deputy chairman of the party, Lothar de Mezieres, was accused of unclear ties with the Stasi, after which he had to resign. In December 1991, at the CDU convention in Dresden, Merkel received his portfolio.

No matter how hard Merkel’s biographers try to explain her rise with extraordinary talents and hard work, there are many capable chemists, and only Frau climbed to such a height. Time has shown that neither Kohl nor Schäuble were “patrons” of Frau, because at the right moment she buried them without any emotions and negative consequences for herself.

After the next elections to the Bundestag, held in autumn 1994, Angela Merkel received in the new government of Helmut Kohl the portfolio of the Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety.

The 1998 elections to the Bundestag ended in failure for the CDU / CSU and its candidate for federal chancellor Helmut Kohl. The party bloc performed the worst since 1949. The victory was won by the Social Democrat Schroeder and his team.

At the federal congress of the CDU, held in Bonn, the “eternal crown prince” Wolfgang Schäuble was elected chairman of the CDU. On his recommendation, Merkel received the post of Secretary General of the CDU – one of the key posts in the now opposition party.

Merkel has finally consolidated her position on the CDU. Now it was necessary to prepare the ground for the release of third-party patrons from the tutelage. First, a scandal related to the activities of Helmut Kohl was brought to light by the press – the compromising material was kept for a suitable occasion. And now the moment has come!

All other CDU functionaries went into the shadows, and Merkel single-handedly led the movement to finish off the one who, in a fatherly way, called her “my girl.” It turned out that Kohl, bypassing the Law on Political Parties, received several million German marks from some sponsors. Rejecting any sentimentality, Merkel published an article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, in which she sharply criticized the behavior of her patron and demanded the resignation of the “old war horse”.

Kohl did not expect such black ingratitude from “his girl”. In 2000, he resigned from his post as Honorary Chairman of the CDU and, deeply disappointed, left the Bundestag for good.

Another blow was directed at Schäuble, who stood in the way of Merkel and those who methodically propelled her to the top of power. A new series of investigations followed in the press and in the investigating authorities, after which Schäuble was forced to admit that he had accepted funding from the military-industrial complex.

In 2002, Frau first spotted herself as a candidate for the post of Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. However, after analyzing the situation, she had to abandon the fight “in favor” of Edmund Steuber. He, as expected, lost – which gave Merkel the opportunity to eliminate another competitor and become in the future the only candidate for the post of German Chancellor from the opposition.

From the very first step as a leader, Merkel determined her future course. She with reservations, but supported the US confrontational course towards Russia. This ran counter to the policy of the current federal government, but that, however, did not have long to exist.

In 2003, Chancellor Schroeder did not approve of the Anglo-American intervention in Iraq. And Frau immediately squeezed a bold article in The Washington Post. In it, she rejected Chirac-Schroeder’s doctrine of European independence, reaffirmed her gratitude to America and supported the war unleashed by George W. Bush. The very war that preceded a series of subsequent acts of aggression and coups, camouflaged as “color” revolutions.

While on a visit to the United States, Merkel, as the leader of the opposition, criticized Schroeder’s foreign policy, which caused a sharply negative reaction in the government circles in Berlin. The chairman of the SPD parliamentary faction assessed Merkel’s statement as “a deflection before the American administration.”

It is noteworthy that Merkel has repeatedly criticized Schroeder for “excessive” friendship with Vladimir Putin and declared that she would take a tougher stance towards Russia if she became chancellor.

Chancellor in the Rose Garden

The fall of 2005 brought Merkel a victory, and on November 22, she was elected to her first term as Federal Chancellor, receiving 397 of the 611 votes of the Bundestag. The margin was small, which indicated that Germany was not yet ready to accept Merkel’s pro-American policy. There was a lot of work to change society and transfer it to Atlantic rails. The party was first processed, and at the CDU federal congress on November 27, 2006, 93% of Frau’s votes were re-elected as chairman.

It was more difficult with society, and its long-term re-education began. They began with the fact that Forbes magazine in 2006, 2007 and 2008 awarded her the title of the most influential woman in the world. Time magazine in 2006 and 2007 included Frau in the list of the 100 most influential people on the planet.

The Germans, of course, simply had to love such an outstanding Frau. And they fell in love with her over time. Like “Mother”.

At the same time, Merkel taught Germany to accept the American model of world governance: “Our own historical past reminds us of the need to preserve peace as the greatest value and use all opportunities to avoid military conflicts. However, it also makes us remember that a misunderstood radical pacifism can lead to destruction, and the use of force, despite the suffering caused, is inevitable at the last stage in order to avoid even greater evil. “

But Frau’s most important step was the decision to pursue a harsh policy towards “Putin’s Russia”, which fully fit into the US behavior model.

A small digression …

A little more than forty thousand American troops are permanently stationed in “free” Germany. And that’s not it. As former ARD journalist in Afghanistan and later consultant Christoph Herstel assures, Washington still determines the top officers of the German army, the Bundeswehr.

The values ​​of Atlanticism are being actively propagated in Germany. The Atlantic Bridge has held closed seminars and conferences for politicians, businessmen and media representatives. And this is not the only such structure.

“The German Marshal Fund, named after our former Secretary of State George Marshall, is a kind of nursery for German politicians. They receive grants, they are patronized from the university bench, then they appear on the political arena. Not only in the party of Angela Merkel, among the Christian Democrats, but also in other parties: the SPD, the “greens”, in the ranks of the “free democrats, ” said Wayne Madson, a former employee of the US National Security Agency.

In 2010, a scandal erupted thanks to the publication of classified documents by the WikiLeaks portal. It turned out that Helmut Metzner, chief of staff for the Free Democratic leader and Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, regularly informed the US Embassy about what was happening on the sidelines of German politics. After the exposure, the “mole” was fired, but no charges were brought against him.

Due to this state of affairs, many German politicians are pursuing the line of the “Washington Regional Committee”, although it runs counter to the interests of German society and business. As for Merkel, her work in supporting the United States was appreciated: in 2011, Barack Obama awarded Frau with the country’s highest award – the Medal of Freedom.

About what Merkel was already then, her words, uttered in the summer of 2011 during the presentation of this medal, speak: “To imagine that one day I will stand in the Rose Garden of the White House and receive the Medal of Freedom from the American President – it definitely went beyond of my wildest dreams. And believe me, I am deeply moved by the presentation of this prestigious award. “

The above is reminiscent of the wretched groveling of Russian cadre radical democrats and human rights activists in front of American values.

Hand and foot

Several years ago, the largest Spanish newspaper El Pais wrote: “Merkel, like Hitler, declared war on Europe in order to preserve Germany’s vital economic space, protecting the large banks and corporations of Germany at the cost of the well-being of European countries.”

In 2008, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez named Merkel a descendant of Hitler. And in 2007, the Polish liberal-conservative newspaper Najwyzszy Czas portrayed Merkel on its cover with the mustache of the Nazi Fuhrer.

God, how they were all wrong!

All these years, the US intelligence services have tapped Merkel’s phone – and even before she became chancellor. This was reported by the magazine Der Spiegel with reference to secret documents at the disposal of the editorial board. Merkel’s mobile phone, according to the publication, was tapped by a special unit of the US National Security Agency.

In addition, the NSA, together with the CIA, using equipment installed at the American embassy in Berlin, even tapped the secret communication channels of the German government.

As the newspaper Bild am Sonntag reported with reference to sources in the special services, Obama knew about the wiretapping of Merkel’s phone and was not going to stop it. According to the newspaper, the head of the American NSA, Keith Alexander, back in 2010, personally reported to him about this secret operation. “Obama did not stop these actions then, ” a senior NSA official said.

Moreover, after the report, surveillance was only expanded. Not only the chancellor’s phone, which she used for contacts on party affairs, was taken under surveillance, but also her office mobile.

When all this was revealed in 2013, the chancellor of “sovereign Germany” could only shrug his shoulders. And wash up. Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich, whom Merkel sent to the United States to clarify the circumstances, returned not salty.

After this scandal in the German language even appeared the neologism “merkeln” (merkeln), meaning: “to doubt, to be indecisive.” However, even then the Germans (in their majority) continued to believe in their Mutti. And only the “invasion of barbarians” stirred up this well-fed swamp named after Merkel.

Riding the wave of atlantism

Frau’s commitment to the American model of country coexistence is not limited to political support for Washington’s initiatives. Changes took place in the minds of Merkel – she, like Obama, began to feel like an exceptional person, which did not go unnoticed by the European community. The “gray pearl” began to feel like something more than it really is – this, however, often happens with politicians when they begin to lose their sense of reality.

For more than ten years, Merkel has served as Federal Chancellor, since 2005. She has not yet drawn a real rival. The German parliament, despite criticism in the ranks of the ruling coalition, is still under control of Merkel. The debate has almost disappeared from the Bundestag. With the exception of the humiliating public harassment, which is regularly and tastefully arranged by Merkel “red Sarah” – the leader of the Left Party, Sarah Wagenknecht.

The most recent EU elections, held in May 2014, showed that the extreme left and extreme right parties are gaining popularity across the continent. Everywhere, with the exception of Germany, where the victory was won by the centrists with protocol officials as ordinary as Merkel’s.

Merkel believed in her Stars and Stripes. However, Putin’s actions in Ukraine stunned Merkel, led to confusion. She, like her American curators, still cannot recover from the rapid development of events in 2014.

“President Putin is pursuing a very correct, restrained line, ” noted academician Yevgeny Primakov in his last interview. –He said directly at the Valdai Forum that we do not want confrontation – they are imposing it on us. By the way, the United States is imposing it, why? They would be happy if we now brought our regular units to the South-East of Ukraine. They would be happy! Because Europe for a whole century, at least, would lie under the United States. And they were trying to do this … For them, it was one of the incentives for the entire “Ukrainian operation” to suppress centrifugal forces, which manifested itself in the Alliance after the withdrawal from the Cold War. When Europe was gradually turning into an independent center – connected with the United States, but at the same time, the main countries of Europe, for example, did not support the American invasion of Iraq … “ (quote from Russian Spetsnaz).

It is no secret that the Anglo-Saxons’ worst dream is the formation of the trans-Eurasian axis Berlin – Moscow – some kind of Pacific center of power. Not so long ago, this was Tokyo, now – Beijing. For centuries, starting with the Seven Years’ War of the 18th century, the British have been separating Russia and Germany in different corners of European ambitions and have watched with delight as Ivans and Fritz kill and maim each other on the battlefields.

The creation of the Berlin-Paris-Moscow troika in the early 2000s gave Europe and Eurasia a unique chance, as did the personal trusting relationship between Schroeder, Chirac and Putin and their sympathetic Silvio Berlusconi.

However, the Americans did everything to replace the top officials of Germany and France and thus prevent the creation of a truly independent Europe.

“Invasion of the barbarians”

The coup in Ukraine was supported by US European henchmen. But Merkel, for all her Jesuit practicality, fell into a trap the Americans had created for her. Realizing the failure of the operation to involve Ukraine in its plans, the United States was eliminated, and all the problems of getting out of this situation (until the recent meeting between Nuland and Surkov in Kaliningrad) were shifted to Mutti. And after the crisis with migrants and the wave of violence, Merkel’s rating – “Person of the Year 2015” according to Time magazine – fell to a record low (for her) level.

During the violence in Cologne, one of the migrants told the police: “You must treat me with courtesy. Mrs. Merkel invited me! ” And he is absolutely right. Realizing this, the security officials are openly afraid to protect the legitimate interests of the indigenous people of Germany.

The current authorities of Bundesrepublik Deutschland give a green light to the impending wave of violence from the part of migrants who are beginning to actively explore the living space of large cities and small settlements. And then it will not seem enough to anyone!

It would be naive to believe that Frau does not know all this. He knows how! And it is difficult to assume that she does not give account of her destructive actions. And in this context, the words of President Putin, said in an interview with the German newspaper Bild, sounded in a special way: “I am sure that she is a very sincere person. She has a certain framework in which she must work, but she sincerely, and I have no doubt about that, strives to find solutions to the settlement, including the situation in the south-east of Ukraine … ”.

Meanwhile, after the “New Year’s Eve” in Cologne, a wave of German rallies, protesting against the sexual abuse of refugees, swept through a number of German cities. The rallies were dispersed by the valiant police on the principle: “Beat your own, so that others are afraid!”

By a special order coming from the very top, the German Ministry of Internal Affairs was prohibited from voicing any figures and facts that could compromise migrants. So many German Frau and Fraulein are now afraid of both their own and others. Migrants, on the other hand, are not afraid of anyone: they are guaranteed immunity by Merkel herself, who made a bunch of selfie with the newcomers.

Realizing what is really going on, feeling harassment from migrants and tired of watching the arbitrariness of the official authorities, the people decided to act independently. So in many cities of Germany the burghers already prefer to arm themselves. What this will lead to is no wonder. And whoever has not yet understood what it smells like will understand pretty soon.

Pilot on trust

The time has changed. And it has changed dramatically – it “compressed” and accelerated its run. Mutti was good at intrigues with her compatriots, given the full information about their present and past, which she was supplied by the United States. However, global things still lie outside of her thinking. Hence the complete confusion in the actions, the repetition of the same phrases about sanctions and Russia’s aggression. Hence the recent missing look, reminiscent of Hitler’s at the end of the war, that Merkel is at a loss – especially now that she has to answer for the refugee crisis.

Merkel understands more and more clearly that the gap between her opinion and the opinion of German society is widening. The demagnetized Germans, who have lost the legacy of their ancestors, want to have the same comfortable life. They do not understand why they should sacrifice it for the sake of the interests of the USA, “some kind of Ukraine”, and now they should be subjected to violence from the hordes of migrants.

And you have to sacrifice! And how … You have to pay for everything. And the bills have already been presented.

The tragedy of Merkel is that she is unable to bridge this gap. She is bound by political and personal obligations to the United States and understands that their fulfillment, as well as refusal, will lead to the collapse of her career. In chess, such a situation is called Zugzwang, when any player’s move leads to a deterioration in his position.

The only person with whom Merkel feels, feels good is Obama. The difference between their position is that Barak Khuseinovich does not need to think, he simply transmits the thoughts of the ruling elite into the space, while Merkel, under pressure from the United States and German society, needs to make a decision herself or make adjustments to the opinion of American politicians imposed on her. … The matter for her is complicated by the fact that the political and business elite of Germany did not accept her, she is a lone wolf and she has no one to consult with.

Mutti is not Hitler in terms of both scale and thinking – however, like the Fuehrer at one time, she is a victim in the cold and merciless game of the world’s ruling elites.

In terms of recognizing Merkel as a politician, a reservation should be made: she (unlike Chancellors Konrad Adenauer, Willie Brandt, Helmut Kohl or Gerhardt Schroeder) is not the captain of the ship, but an engaged pilot who leads the ship along the route laid by someone.

Merkel is not faced with the strategic tasks of Germany’s place in the new multipolar world. She is heading for the port of the Atlantic Commonwealth designated for Germany, where a berth or dock has been prepared for the ship “Deutschland” for scrap metal. Since 1991, another ship named “USSR” has been resting there.

As Vyacheslav Kantor, the head of the European Jewish Congress, told Putin recently, the situation has never been so serious since the end of the Second World War: “Jews are fleeing from yesterday’s prosperous Europe.” To which the Russian president replied: “Let them come to us. They went to the Soviet Union, let them come back. “

Obviously, what Putin said applies not only to Jews, but to Germans and other Europeans, bearers of traditional values, for whom only Russia will remain the only place to preserve their identity, including biological …

After all that happened, Frau will have to make every effort to prevent a riot on the ship. It is necessary not only to maintain the standard of living of German society at the usual level for it, but also to clean up the “mess” that it was forced to make. In earlier years, states like Greece and Portugal were comforting for the Germans, and the people of Germany saw that their life was not so bad. Now it is different: the trouble has come to Vaterland itself. More precisely – the boomerang, launched before, has returned …

Why was Frau chosen from among the many applicants? The first and foremost reason is that it is at best a “Gray Pearl.” Merkel has no strong roots. She is not German of the previous formation, not Polish, and not even Jewish in part (as some say). The American breeding system has produced many such characters. Among them are “Pole” Zbigniew Brzezinski, “Czech” Madeleine Albright and many others.

The second and no less important reason is that Merkel is easily controllable through her inherent complexes. Nondescript appearance, heightened ambition (for Frau’s idol is Empress Catherine the Great, German by birth), fear of going into obscurity … Plus, as it is said, the American part of the Rosenholz Dossier.

According to the testimony of the legendary head of the KGB’s illegal intelligence service, Yuri Ivanovich Drozdov, he happened to be present at a dinner hosted in honor of a group of former CIA officers who were visiting Moscow on a friendly visit. And one of the Americans said:

“You are good guys, Russians. We know that you have had successes that you can be proud of. Even your defeats demonstrated the power of your intelligence. But time will pass, and you will gasp if it is declassified what kind of agents of influence the CIA and the State Department had at the very top! “

Obviously, the Americans can say something similar with regard to Germany, which in some way repeats the fate of the USSR during the Perestroika era.

In general … the time of true leaders has passed in the West. Thanks to the American model, the world is run by people without political charisma. Merkel and Hollande are their embodiment. The rest is even impossible to remember, although they do not leave the news feeds.

For comparison: Bismarck, Stolypin, F. Roosevelt, Churchill, Thatcher, Stalin, de Gaulle, Adenauer, Kekkonen, Palme, Mitterrand, Chirac, Schroeder, Berlusconi … Putin – feel the difference? ..

Merkel is an ordinary product of the formation of the GDR. In her dossier of a scientist-chemist, there are no discoveries that claim the Nobel Prize. She does not even have papers that are cited by experts. But behind her back will be destroyed Germany. And that Europe, which, walking hand in hand with a united Eurasia, could become the guarantor of a new World. But that didn’t.

Is there still a chance? ..

Pavel Evdokimov, editor-in-chief of the Russian Spetsnaz newspaper

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