Nikolay Erney: “the fairest German court” !?

Nikolai Erney: “The fairest German court”!?

Press release on the passage of the court hearing and the refusal on the claim of Maxim Erney, Natalia Erney, Nikolaus Erney against the State of Germany to declare illegal the decisions of Shulamt Cologne and Shulamt Bonn to refuse permission to visit a Russian school at the Consulate General of Russia in Bonn in the daytime instead of German school in order to fulfill the legislative obligation to attend school for children, as well as to declare illegal a direct reference to the obligation to attend Maxim Erney only at a German school.

The claim was denied.

The plaintiffs are obliged to pay the legal costs, as well as the costs of the Russian-German translator.
Refusal of permission to attend during the daytime in the presence of the legislative obligation of children to attend school is legally equal to an outright ban on attending school, also a direct indication of the child’s obligation to attend only a German school, directly deprives a Russian-speaking child with Russian citizenship of the opportunity to attend a Russian school at the Consulate General of Russia in Bonn during the day.
The consideration of the case by the court began with a forgery by the court.

Reading out the plaintiff’s claim, the presiding judge stated that Maxim Erney had German citizenship, this phrase is on the audio recording of the process, in fact, the claim is based on the fact that Maxim Erney has Russian citizenship and Russian for the child’s native language, the substantiation of the claim that Maxim Erney the court ignored Russian citizenship throughout the process.
During the consideration of the case, the court drew the plaintiffs’ attention that the Russian school at the Russian Consulate General in Bonn is not a school approved by Germany in the sense of the law on education.
To which the plaintiffs noted that the design of the law explicitly provides for exceptions in special cases. For the plaintiff, the requirement of a special case is fully satisfied.
The plaintiff speaks excellent German, also native Russian.

The plaintiff has dual citizenship, Russian and German.

The wounding of Maxim Erney in a German school, an attack on Maxim Erney and other children at school, facts of strangulation of Maxim Erney, a motivated fear of being killed and the child’s categorical refusal to attend a German school, recorded by German professional doctors – family doctor, pediatrician, psychiatrists, and documented at least three cases of strangulation in this school of children other than Maxim Erney, as well as the official recognition that in Cologne in 2019, 2,200 sick children with disabilities require immediate transfer from regular schools to special schools for sick children, but there are no places for them , no time, no money, which means that these 2,200 sick children remain among normal healthy children, crippling them mentally and physically, was completely ignored by the court.

The court offered a deal, in exchange for the immediate return of the children to Germany – Maxim and Sophia Erney, the court is ready to issue permission to visit the Russian school at the General Consulate of Russia in Bonn for a period of 2 or three years, until the end of grade 4, provided that in the future Maxim Erney will attend a German general school.

In such a deal, Maxim’s parents refused the court, for the reason that the parents would act in the interests of the child and only in the interests of the child, the child already made new friends at school in Moscow, the family does not plan to return to Germany for at least a year, and possible a positive court decision is not an obligation of parents to return their children to Germany, parents require permission until 2031, until grade 13, or Maxim’s 19, that is, the end of the age of duty to attend school, the court’s decision is precedent and extremely important for other Russians, Jews, German children in Cologne and Bonn and other German cities suffering from school violence.

We asked the court how Maxim should still suffer in a German school and how many German schools Maxim should change. to be released from the obligation to attend a German school and allowed to attend a Russian school.

As a result, after considering all the materials of the case and hearing Nikolaus Erney as the representative of Maxim Erney, the court decided to completely reject the claim.

The argumentation voiced by the court.

1. The Russian school at the Consulate General of the Russian Federation is not a recognized school.
2. There are more than 16 private schools in Bonn that Maxim can attend
– a comment, in fact, this is a falsification of facts, since Maxim in grades 1-4 can theoretically attend only 4 private schools in Bonn, if the parents have enough money 50,000 euros of income for a child per year to pay 25,000 euros the cost of education, the rest of the schools are schools from grade 5, and Maxim cannot attend these schools
3. The fact of child abuse at a school in Cologne does not allow us to say that all schools throughout Germany are as bad, try good luck at another school in Bonn.

A child is not a lottery, and only complete clinical idiots from parents can try their luck with enumerating all German schools in Germany. Since after the change of the second third school, the child will be taken away from the family due to the stress created by the parents by the facts of the school change. It’s a veiled trap …

We were mathematically 99.999998792124700% sure of such a refusal decision of the court. At 0.0000012078753%, or one case per 82.790 million people, we hoped that the court would not be guided by the dense stereotypes of the 1870s, fortune-telling in the coffee grounds about going over all German schools BEFORE finding a good school, and Nazi laws of 1938 and interpretations of 1919-1938 , but will be guided by international law signed by Germany after 1945.

In fact, to demand freedom and protection of their own children’s rights in a state living without a Constitution (there is no general federal Constitution in Germany), according to laws adopted virtually unchanged from the times of Hitler and the Third Reich, with the judicial system and officials raised and brought up on these laws who have absorbed the laws since the times of Hitler and the Third Reich with mother’s milk and stories of grandparents, and so from such a de facto Nazi country, expect a decision that directly contradicts Nazi education law, so that the decision would restore the violated rights of the child and the decision would comply with Germany’s international obligations – it was just a ray of hope. On the understanding that the judges also understand that after 81 years, in 2019, the ban on visiting schools other than state ones, made by Hitler in 1938,

The judges understood.
The judges understood everything perfectly.
And perhaps they were scared.
They want to continue to be judges in this system.
They don’t want street sweep.
They don’t want to teach at the University like Boucher, Juris Doctor, who just came to work as a court counselor.
The judges do not want to cook shawarma in Turkish eateries.
Judges don’t want to sell newspapers.
They want to continue to be the cogs of the system.
Therefore, they cannot make decisions against the system.

Well, just like judges of federal courts in 1933-1945.
But the thought that it ended in 1945 is a misguided thought.

2019-1933, nothing has changed, the system just changed the signs and plates after 1945, but the base is still the same.
After the court session on 09/10/2019, due to the fact that for the consideration of the case in a higher court in Münster, according to the law, a German lawyer is not simply necessary, but obligatory, without the participation of a German lawyer, a complaint against this court decision will not be accepted for consideration, despite for the full payment of the state fee for the second examination, and not a single German lawyer undertakes to consider a claim against Germany in cases of this kind in Münster, then we physically cannot go to the second instance.

We want.
But they won’t let us there.

German Justice is a match-fixing club closed to ordinary people.
We do not even have the opportunity to speak in court above.

Such a German law.
Germany is always the winner in Germany-Citizen lawsuits.
Here is such a democracy in Germany …