Prison punishment for the truth and in the psychiatric hospital!

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B – Reporter

N- Nikolay

N: There is such a law in Germany: any cases where there is a conflict with the state can be heard in a US court in Germany.

Q: That is, this is a direct confirmation that the FRG is an occupied territory, yes.

0:20 Hello comrades. On our channel there were 2 interviews with our compatriot Nikolai Erney , who is an ethnic German and who went to Germany, lived and lives there, and told us about how good it is to live in Europe, what wonderful European values ​​there are, what a wonderful democracy there is, what there are free courts. Well, etc. etc.

0:48 That is, he was revealing this cuisine, which is hidden from view, especially those who still believe in European values ​​and all that stuff in 2020.

1:00 Today he is again in touch with us via Skype, he will talk about what happened to him after his interview on our channel.

1:10 Nikolai, welcome to Germany, safe and sound. Please tell us about your adventures in Germany after our interviews, after being published in a Moscow Komsomol member, in my opinion. How the germ of European Union democracy, the German state machine, reacted to the truth . How was it all?

1:39 N: Now I remember: I am sitting behind bars in a dungeon, a raw, young eagle fed in captivity. That is, I really wait for guests, from day to day I wait for guests, because after the first interview that we did in January, I got sick, but after the January interview I was immediately rolled out a criminal case under 8 articles, approximately, 8 articles were investigated … The desecration of the German state signs, the insult of the judges, there that only was not, almost undermined the entire state system.

2:08 Q: Where did we outrage the signs of Germany? As far as I remember, we showed court documents.

N: To show court documents that are not signed by a judge is an outrage over the whole meaning, because a normal ordinary German person never sees any documents at all.

2:22 He goes to a lawyer and the lawyer takes care of the whole kitchen. And when you yourself look at the documents and see for yourself that nothing is signed there, or a fake judge who did not take the oath, then in fact, after that you start talking about it, how could this happen? I myself was in shock, that is, by the way, I have never, by the way, in a single interview, remind me, where would it be so that, for example, I criticize the court or say that the court’s decision is illegal? It seems to me that if my memory serves me correctly, the court’s decision, until no one canceled it, is always considered legal. What’s in Russia, what’s in Germany.

2:56 Q: There were your comments that they were absurd, this was it.

N: Yes, absurd, that is, how so, I don’t understand, so what happened. After the first plot, a criminal case is rolled out, there are 8 articles, which means that I was waving a swastika, I really compared the court with a Nazi one, and showed a photo of a Nazi court in 1933, where they stand there, throwing up their hand, because for me it was an image that court decision, that current court, which says that if children are beaten, it’s normal. Someone who says that if there are 200 thousand children, if your blood was pumped out and beaten with a stick, this is also normal. That is, for me it was like a Nazi behavior. It is clear that they removed all the swastikas, removed the flags, but the behavior continued.

3:40 So that’s what I said. I said, I wrote to the court, I have it under my signature that I live in a Nazi state, with Nazi laws, it’s true. They are all Hitler’s laws. With Nazi officials, and Nazi law enforcement practices. Discrimination of Russian children, Russophobia, and I very much hope that the court will find the courage and courage to change this. The court found the courage and courage immediately after the date of the trial there it was in October, October 9, October 10 it was the first criminal case under five articles. They initiated it, investigated for a long time studied my ” vkonatkte ” studied “classmates” , all studied, all per e led, all texts are translated in all the newspapers: Moskovsky Komsomolets, Komsomolskaya Pravda, last year, all translations. And they stopped at the end of December.

4:27 Stopped. I don’t know what. Probably sick. I just deleted everything, they rolled me a criminal case then, for insulting the director, that I said that she was inadequate, that we were fined 7 thousand euros for the fact that my child from Moscow to Cologne does not fly to classes every day, here I am then in December, I deleted everything. I thought that I am now an honest, calm person. I don’t shine anymore, that’s it, I live like a German, my family has left, I work, I pay taxes, I don’t shine

4:55 I’m not bothering anyone, I deleted everything everywhere. And even the TV channel (*) deleted the video clip ..

Q: yes, we are .. on request.

N: At my request. Because well, do not shine. Literally, as soon as I deleted it, a few days later I received a summons to the police in the criminal case “insulting the school principal.” I realized that I deleted, that I did not delete – it makes no sense, you are already on a note, on a pencil.

5:18 And why am I a criminal case? That I insulted the director by demanding that she be checked for adequacy. I didn’t say that she’s an idiot, I just wrote to check please with the director, if she fined the parents for the fact that the child doesn’t fly from Moscow to Cologne every day, that she doesn’t understand that it’s impossible to come from Moscow to Cologne every day.

5:37 And what she writes in some documents, writes future dates, we talked about this video, where she wrote the dates of the end of September in September, but there were a lot of jokes. And what is most interesting, it means that in addition to this, they opened a case for knowingly false denunciation of me against the director. The fact that I wrote a statement before that the children were beaten was beaten for a year. That there were wounds in the neck with a fork, there was suffocation, that’s it. This is documented by the police, there are police reports at 6:00 , they are all there, but they are opening a case for me that I insulted the director. What she did everything she could, she m Ogle? She just watched. But I had a task to observe. Beating each other’s children is a growing up process. So what happened after that.

6:16 After that, in January, I broke into the prosecutor’s office that it was a fascist prosecutor’s office, I sent it out to 50 thousand American journalists and sent out my text that the Cologne prosecutor’s office was a fascist prosecutor’s office. The prosecutor’s office howled, called my lawyer and said: if he hadn’t sent it out, that is, they would have played such a game of a bad-good policeman. If only (* inaudible) Because we understand that he was protecting his child. We all understand this, the case was stopped for him. But he sent out a letter that we are the fascist prosecutor’s office.

6:45 We were personally offended by the entire prosecutor’s office. Therefore, we will either drag him to court, or let him pay 100 euros to a society for the protection of children’s rights. The lawyer says, pay 100 euros, it’s over and don’t give a damn about it.

7:00 I thought, paying one hundred euros, the director is an idiot – so everything is clear, yes. Well, everyone understands that an idiot. Here . But I, at least, do not go to court, do not waste time, I would prove that I am right there.

7:11 But there would be a shame. Russian-speaking colleagues came to my German leadership and said: Erney on the Internet haits Germany and says that Germany is crap. I say so. Show me a specific plot and let us translate it to the sworn translators what I say there.

7:25 I’m criticizing the problem. That children are beaten. But I do not abuse the country, I live and work in it. He says, well, we know your problem, you are a cool guy, everything is fine, the topic was closed. I decided not to discuss the case with the headmistress again, I paid 100 euros, the case was dropped. They closed the case on the grounds not that I was guilty or not guilty, they dropped the case on such an interesting basis, there is such a basis in German law. The consideration of this case by the court will cost more than the possible damage.

7:54 So, the absence of criminal involvement is considered, the absence of involvement is considered administrative, because there was nothing of the type. But this is a lie, this is a trick. Then it became clear that everything was still there. This means that I am not shining again, I am not doing anything, in March there is a ” baranovirus “, which means I have time to escape from Germany to Russia to my wife and children, because I understand that now the borders will be closed, I sit there at home, work remotely .

8:19 I’m coming in June, which means that every envelope in my mailbox is that the police demanded you for questioning under 8 articles in March. I didn’t even know about this case. I only found out about him then, there are 5-8 articles and so on. That you insulted the court and so on. I realized that when I was running, wiping everything off the Internet, I asked Stalingrad to erase it please, I do not shine, the Germans have not forgotten anything, they just waited for everything to calm down.

8:46 So, I turned to my lawyer, the lawyer requested the case materials, looked at the case materials, there are only photographs of Vkontate and Odnoklassniki of what I said.

8:57 No insults to anyone. And plus my speech before the court, where I compared with the Nazis. The lawyer writes to the prosecutor in the prosecutor’s office: to terminate the case. A lawyer in Germany is part of the court and prosecutor’s office, he plays within, he writes to terminate the case. There were no insults, nothing.

9:13  Q: Yes, we talked about this in previous interviews, we will tell you about the lawyer in detail.

N: Nothing happened, the whole person is innocent at all, just stop, well, don’t make it absurd. What’s happening. That story comes out in Stalingrad, which we recorded in Moscow. Where I told about 200 thousand children, I told about 100 euros for the head of a murdered negro, 50 thousand euros for the head of a living Jew. The Germans looked at it, I just received a letter in my mailbox, you were sentenced to 3 months in absentia. There is such a verdict in absentia in Germany . 3 months in prison, why is it important, why 3 months in prison? 90 days. Now, if there were 89 days in the verdict, then this verdict would then be decided in police certificates for employers and an employee.

9:52 That is, he would still be in the police, the internal base, and before the civil service officials, security, but when I just get a job, 89 days in prison are not displayed. And 90 days in prison is already displayed. And what kind of articles: insulting a judge, using the Nazi swastika, almost destroyed the entire political system .. He outraged the flag, over which he did not outrage. In general, with such a police certificate, they will only take me, well, I don’t know, garbage, and they probably won’t trust to sort the garbage. They will trust to carry garbage bags. Because what employer needs such a person, right?

10:28 He will start zigging there … The court there, what else wrote that when I compared the court with the Nazi, it means that I stated this, that is, the court developed such a fantasy wild, divine fantasy that I compared the court with the Nazi one, and with this I stated, that the German court decides civil cases not by right and by law, but by tyranny.

10:53 By breaking the law. The right of this extremist ideology. Fascist. Than offended many, many judges, the fact that the photos of the judges were in one e-mail, along with photos of children torn to pieces by the Nazis. I just took a photo in one email, that is, some photos were offended by other photos. So, I really stated that the court violates the rights of people, only not the right ideology, like the Nazi was, but the left. Now in Germany there is left-wing fascism.

11:23 Now in Germany, anti-fascists are ( titushki *) who come and beat, if you go out for your rights, you stand for your rights with a poster that I don’t want to wear this dog mask. Because it doesn’t protect against the virus. She does not protect from anything, I don’t want my child to be beaten at school, I don’t want you to throw these handouts at me there, depriving me of the right to work, yes, or the right to education or the right to travel.

11:45 What happened after that. I call a lawyer, I say listen, we did not agree on such a circus initially. In order for me to sit in prison for three months for my statement, maybe I have to serve 10 years or three years. Requires a process. Submit your objection. Then, according to the law, the process goes from correspondence to full-time. Oud must appoint a process. The lawyer sent, the court is silent. Well, simply, it is silent and silent. But the judge might think, my judge is he is the most vicious judge of Batiolna in criminal cases, he closes everyone at once, in fact he closes everyone at once.

12:17 He provokes people into a scandal. Here comes the defendant to the court, yes, he tells him you’re a schmuck, you’re an asshole, you’re a liar. A man speaks like I am a liar, you yourself are a liar. That’s it, 3 months term for insulting the court, that is, this is his well-known tactic. Okay then.

12:33 We are waiting for an answer, there is no answer, and on Friday my lawyer, another lawyer, who was already stripped of the rank of lawyer in Germany because he criticized the system, he is, as it were, an adviser to me in court. Here is my adviser, a former lawyer (*) for what he is famous, and he is a NATO soldier of the Bundeswehr , that is, he is actually a member of the NATO General Staff , he is a former military attaché of Germany. He is a soldier who shed his blood for Germany. Germany deprived him of the right to conduct a lawyer’s business, he lost for this, for 15 years he lost at least 5 million euros, what are the prices here and he still loves Germany, he cannot scold Germany, but he wrote texts defending a Russian child. The only attorney in Germany, kotoyry began to defend Russian child before a German court.

13:22 With laws like (*) human rights, this is European human rights . On Friday he is going to file with the court that he will be my attorney in a criminal case. Second. He will be my advisor, on Friday he will submit, on Monday the court will issue an order for me to immediately conduct a psychiatric examination on the events of last year. That is to say, that’s the sentence that, where it is written, I can show you 90 report card Zetsu – is 90 days in jail. Again, it is not signed by the judge, there are no signatures, there is nothing , that is, this shit I can print on a printer. Moreover, he first writes you committed a crime on October 9 and December 7 in Bonn, while in Bonei you committed a crime at a certain time.

14:04 And then he writes down, you committed a crime on October 9, October 8, that is, he writes generally different dates. He doesn’t write anything about December. The list of witnesses here is empty, witnesses, a colon. The judge knows that this is bullshit, which people are tempting, because it will come out more expensive, yet they know it will come out more expensive. He served three months – free. 

14:27 Q: That is, all these 30 years we have been told that punitive psychiatry was only in the Soviet Union, terrible Bolsheviks, that’s all there …

N: Again, the judge does not even sign the last name, the stamp is there, sealed, there is no signature. Here is no signature, no. This is the signature of the court officer who is the secretary there. But here must be the signature of the judge. No. There is nothing at all. They sent me, go to jail for 3 months.

Q: Kolya, when should you be taken to this psychiatric examination?

N: So, here’s the most interesting, that is, I’m ready for an open process. I say if I’m guilty – 3 months. But in an open process, why is this process important? I take out documents from wide legs, I have a lot of documents, they were all open. For a whole year, the prosecutor’s office together with the court discussed in the materials of the criminal case, I made an audio recording of the process that took place. Audio recording for Russia is normal to make an audio recording and listen to it at home.

15:30 For Germany, making an audio recording. She did the worst thing to the judge. Later, when he wrote the protocol, he also did not sign, and he also wrote the verdict without signing, the audio recording does not coincide with the protocols on the sentences. He fantasized there, went over many moments, and when I sent this audio recording immediately after the trial, they thought for a whole year what to do with me. Because by this I am showing the malfeasance of five German judges. And this is what they are all discussing here. When they came to the conclusion that I could not be jailed for this, because the process was also open, they decided to go the other way.

16:05 What are these insults to judges, audio recording is no longer important. This means that this plantika’s lawyer is a NATO soldier who is defending a Russian child in the Bundeswehr. Mead did not defend the Russian child! Neither Zakharova spoke, nor Lavrov spoke, they did not send a single official paper, I explain why. If such a situation as with Maxim was in America, but Mead would have rolled out everything, just all the TV channels would have talked about it.

16:30 Every day there would be publications. If it were in France, it would be rolled out. If it were somewhere in Africa, it would be rolled out completely! Yes, every day there would be press releases, like about Navalny now. And we would have looked where the plug is, where what. Why in Germany, we , 4 million Russian Germans who came from Russia, Germans, we all received documents, passports, we are Germans. But when we have a problem, people write to me every day, every day. Why, when we have some problem, we go to the embassy, ​​it does nothing? Because there is one North Stream, North Stream 2, North Stream 3. which will be, the Americans will buy 2 meters of pipe, on the same pipe they buy gas from the Russians for 100 euros, relatively speaking, and sell it to the Germans for 300.

17:09 but through their laying firm, they do it in Iraq, they do it in Iran, they do it now in Syria, they do it everywhere. For this they impose sanctions so that it is impossible to sell officially, but only through their correct company. And then some American Baydan or Trump, or whoever they have there, does not matter.

17:28 So, these gigantic interests, even selling gas, if we don’t sell what will our children have? How are they, maybe they will be firewood later, right? Here we are all 4 million Russian Germans, we have already been sold here, wholesale and retail. This is actually the case. I have a phone number for Zakharova personally, I call her and tell her, will you say something? She says it’s your fault that you went to Germany. I say Maria, my fault is yes, it was my choice, I can go to America with 7 thousand relatives there. Billionaires. I can go there, but I chose Germany as my historical homeland, they fled from here, knowing what kind of land it was. So, I say, Maria, excuse me, but the children who are brought here and then beaten, people write to me every day about different cases in Germany with Russian children.

18: 08And did these children choose where their parents would take them? It was decided for these children.

Q: Maria Zakharova, as usual, is lying and cunning. She just found a reason with which you can not be protected, if you went there just for a visit, and not for permanent residence , the reaction would be exactly the same.

18:29 The Russian Federation never protects its citizens anywhere, because the citizens of the Russian Federation for the ruling party, headed by Putin, are rubbish, and not a core asset.

N: We are sold like slag. It means what happens in court. If the trial is open, the judge who is leading my trial was selling phonograph records 10 years ago. He was both an acting judge and head of the German Society for Military Music.

18:56 He was selling records with a swastika, he was caught doing it. He is a fascist himself, he does not see any problem in this. During 15 years of his work, there was so much dirt on him that people are now ready to dump this dirt on him. And Plantico is ready to meet him in battle, because Plantico knows both Greek and Arabic, he is really a smart guy, he is ready to break him so that the judge is just … but the judge is afraid of this lawyer. He is afraid of this lieutenant colonel of the Bundeswehr, afraid that he will appear.

19:26 The judge is afraid of me, this option is to make sure that I do not appear in court, only psychiatry, because if psychiatry, and as soon as the documents were submitted on Friday, Platiko submitted documents that he would represent my interests, he immediately stated, that the case should not be heard in the NRW , not in Cologne, because here all the judges were offended by me because of my statements. And it must be obeyed either at the US Embassy, ​​there is such a law in Germany.

19:49 Any cases where there is a conflict with the state can be heard in a US court, in Germany.

Q: That is, this is a direct confirmation that the FRG is an occupied territory.

N: Or the second, the free state of Bavaria. But the consideration of the transfer of the case to the US embassy, ​​to the US court in Germany, or to the state of Bavaria, is carried out again by the same judge who is now conducting the case.

20:14 And the recusation of the same judge is considered by the same judge, all these documents will go later, Platiko has already made them. I haven’t sent them yet. They just saw him, everything is already, put a bunch. What happened. Immediately on Monday the judge makes a decision to conduct a psychiatric examination, again there is no signature, the signature of the employee, but not the signature of the judge. Conduct a psychiatric examination.

20:35 It is immediately indicated who has it. Why is it important ? Because for this they pay 20 thousand euros for an examination. There is always the same stack of paper, only the name and address change. 20 thousand euros. If this psychiatrist writes nonsense, which the court does not need, he will not receive money for this examination either, and he will not have such orders again.

20:56 Q: That is, the expert is interested in admitting you are completely sick in order to get money , right?

N: 20 thousand euros for just such a pack of paper, where only the surname changes, everything else is fantasy. So that’s it. Important, that. If I just walk, here I am making a reference to the child. Through psychiatry, I made a certificate not to be beaten at school, to release him from school, only his psychiatrist that he was afraid. Appointment with a psychiatrist, 3 hours of work cost 20 euros, but here 20 thousand euros, just to sign, change the surname.

21:26 Q: For just throwing something you don’t want in a psychiatric hospital, let’s go straight.

N: The process is already closed, the process is no longer there. Recognize me as mentally ill, as dangerous for children, yes. And they write pieces of paper, I don’t know about them. For example, my wife will fly away to Turkey, Greece, anywhere, she just flies without me to rest or with me, on a child, on both children there will be beacons. Interpol , for arrest. On the basis that this is not the first time and I am not the last. Not the first and not the last, this has already happened. Reason: the father is crazy and dangerous for the children, and the mother is also dangerous, because she did not protect the children from communicating with the dangerous father. Indulged, supported the children.

22:08 Children are taken in such a situation, this has already happened and is. And they are taken to Germany without mom, without dad. Germany is doing it. They are doing it now with Ukraine, they are doing it now without any problems in Ukraine, they just come and take away whoever needs it, take away. Strasbourg, they are in France, there are no borders, even if there is a border, you call a French policeman, he says, we have a court decision to take the child. The child belongs to the state. This psychiatrist is doing this. 20 thousand and your child was sold.

22:37 Dear compatriots who are going to go for permanent residence , if you are going to the European Union, dear Russians, be sure that your children will be beaten, and when you go through all the authorities, I even reached the founding body of the European Council, this is the answer one of the leaders.

22:55 You will be answered as it is written here: there is no law that would forbid your children to be beaten at school. Children cannot be beaten at home. At home you will beat the children, they will be taken away from you.

Q: Thank you, Nikolay, for an interesting story about the inner cuisine of European paradise, stay there and, if possible, try to leave there as soon as possible and come to the Russian Federation, here for now, at least not yet.

23:20. Dear citizens, dear comrades! You listened to an interview with a man who faced a European paradise, who is trying to build our ruling elite in our country . I personally saw a lot of parallels today, which take place especially in our schools, under the sauce of coronavirus , with what Nikolai tells. Therefore, those who still want to leave for European paradise, well, make a decision and go, and those who want our children to be free, while we have a time lag, we are lagging behind all that insanity that already exists in Europe, we have while this does not exist, so that we do not have all this, be active, defend your rights, and most importantly, the rights of your children. Good luck to you.

24:20 Comrades, every day we break through the information blockade of the Putin regime. On this path, we have taken another step, on our channel Stalingrad 21st century our original news release is published every day. Subscribe to our main channel, subscribe to our second channel, be aware of what is happening, be with us, so we will win.