The Uzbek opposition, having exposed the German bribe taker, received a lawsuit

On the left with the painting – Andre Novak, on the right – Oybek Isakov. Illustration:

The Uzbek opposition, now in exile in Germany, found itself at the center of a major political scandal. Uzbek public and political figures have caught the representative of the Left Party, Andre Novak , of “accepting a bribe” from a citizen whom the opposition considers a “criminal of Uzbekistan”. In addition, the Uzbek opposition has claims against the President of the Federal Republic of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier .

On the eve of the leader of the opposition political movement “Erkin O’zbekiston” (“Free Uzbekistan”) Khasanboy Burkhanov made a video message against the backdrop of the Bundestag building. The émigré oppositionist said that the German Left Party is preparing a legal action against the movement for alleged defamation circulated on the web.

“We accept the fight!” – said Burkhanov.

The plot of the conflict is as follows: on December 22, 2019, parliamentary elections were held in Uzbekistan, which were watched by 800 people as international observers, including Andre Novak  , head of the office of the Bundestag deputy from the Left party Andre Hahn .

“Mr. Novak arrived in Tashkent on December 20, on his birthday,” says the press release of Erkin O’zbekiston. – As you know, in such cases, an observer, and even more so a politician, must remain completely neutral, remaining an outside and impartial observer, focusing his thoughts exclusively on the fulfillment of the responsible mission entrusted to him. However, on the very first day of his visit to the capital of Uzbekistan, Mr. Novak went to celebrate his birthday at one of the fish restaurants in the city of Chinaz, which is 45 km west of Tashkent. “

According to the Uzbek opposition, a certain Oybek Isakov , whom Burkhanov calls “repeatedly convicted of economic crimes and fraud”, was seen in a restaurant in the company of Novak .

“Isakov worked as a lawyer for a well-known swindler from Uzbekistan Akhmad Tursunbaev , who was convicted of creating a financial pyramid,” Erkin O’zbekiston said. – Tursunbaev, through the shell companies Chinoz avto hamkor trans and Chinoz halol chorva (where Isakov worked as a lawyer), accepted deposits from gullible Uzbeks, promising to pay dividends at a rate of 100% per annum. Within the framework of this criminal case, 11.5 thousand people are victims, and the total damage from the activities of the financial pyramid, according to some estimates, is about $ 200 million “(according to Uzbek media, Tursunbaev was sentenced to 14 years in prison, and Isakov was sentenced to 6 years probation –  EADaily ).

Uzbek oppositionists released pictures showing that Isakov and Novak also have candidates for the Uzbek parliament. And most importantly: the German observer was presented with valuable gifts in the form of a picture and expensive cognac, and also paid the bill for a fish restaurant for 11 people.

“This is a bribe to an international observer of the parliamentary elections in Uzbekistan! This action cannot be called otherwise, ” Khasanboy Burkhanov is convinced.

In addition, Uzbek émigré whistleblowers published a photo of the President of the Federal Republic of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier in a company with the same Isakov (the German politician was on an official visit to Uzbekistan in May 2019).

“How could the staff of the German embassy in Uzbekistan allow the President of Germany to meet with a swindler and a swindler? This action can be regarded as a political sabotage by the Uzbek special services, ”the authors of the appeal believe.

In conclusion, Khasanboy Burkhanov, who has the status of a political refugee, said that he was “convinced that my message will be heard!” Indeed, a few days later, the Left party invited him to the Bundestag, but not to thank him, but demanding that the exposing post be immediately removed from Facebook and YouTube.

“I refused to do it. Then they said that they would seek it in court. They decided in this way to fight freedom of speech. That is to hide the ends in the water”, concluded Burkhanov in a video message.

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