German Jews must prepare for the exodus! Jews in Germany are always obliged to pay. Someone pays with children. Someone pays with money.

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For 9 months the Jews in Germany, who emigrated from the USSR, Elena and David Abrams, did not see their grandson. 

The only thing they were guilty of before the Reich is that they are Jews and that their daughter made a mistake by marrying a party member from the ruling party in Germany, the son-in-law turned out to be a rapist and a rowdy, but German justice and Jugendamt to the rapist and rowdy from the ruling party and correct race proved to be more favorable than to Jewish emigrants.

Also, the daughter of Elena and David Abrams was lucky to achieve success in German society, she became an elementary school teacher, which is a respected profession in Germany, and belongs to the status of officials, which gives many benefits and privileges.

The mother’s struggle for her son ended at the moment when at work they openly said that while living in Germany, one should not criticize Germany, if the mother does not stop her struggle for her son against her ex-husband’s rapist, then she will no longer only be without her son, but also without work.

Exactly a year ago, according to the model adopted in Germany, a child was with mom for a week, dad for a week. But when the mother tried to take the child completely for herself, referring to the verdict of violence against her ex-husband, the social services declared the mother not entirely mentally healthy, the mother ordered 9 independent psychiatric examinations from various psychiatrists, who confirmed that the mother was absolutely healthy.

After that, the mother, her parents, their lawyer, publicly, with documents, appealed to Chancellor Merkel, President Steinmeer, the head of the state (region) of North Rhine-Westphalia Armin Laschet with a request to intervene and stop the clearly expressed anti-Semitic persecution of a young child, his mother and grandmother with his grandfather, then social services, without explanation, forbade the mother to see her son at all.

Now the old people – emigrants, officials say in consolation that they will be able to see their grandson when the grandson turns 18 and the grandson will be free to choose where and to whom to go and with whom to communicate.

One problem, grandparents are already under 90 years old.

And perhaps the grandson will come to his grandparents only to the grave.

The story of the Jewish mother Elena Abrams and her son in December became known to the entire State Duma of Germany, all regional parliaments and all prosecutors. Nobody helped them. Despite the fact that in January of this year Steinmeier repented at Auschwitz at the place of execution of Jews and spoke high-flown words about the inadmissibility of repetition of such tragedies as the tragedies of Jews from the Third Reich, 80 years later in modern time, one can completely draw analogies with the times of Nazism.

Yes, thank God and the Soviet Red Army, Jews are not being burned in Germany now.

It was with this reasoning, for example, that the Cologne Administrative Court rejected the claim of children taken from their parents by the Nazis in the occupied territories and sent to orphanages in Germany.

Rejoice, orphans, who do not even know what their real names are and who their real parents are, that you were not shot, you should be grateful to the fascists, because if you stayed in place, you would be shot along with your parents.

The logic of the court, of course, is in this, it turns out for these orphans their orphanhood and theft from their father’s house is a blessing.

Just as a blessing for children in concentration camps, from which blood was pumped out while the blood was pumped, the child lived, so this is also a blessing to him, better than a gas chamber and execution.

And the administrative court of Cologne and on the issue of treatment and compensation for children of the Nazi concentration camps refused that everything that was good, and if good means there is nothing to pay.

By the way, so that the associations of Jews would not protect the Jews themselves, the German administration came up with a way old as the world – to pay hard coins. In particular, in the state (region) of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Jewish community received 17 million euros from the budget for several years for its various projects. And at the same time, the community collects from its parishioners a confessional fee of 1% of wages and on trifles, for shops of 700 euros and the like.

The head of the state (region) of North Rhine-Westphalia Armin Laschet is going to be nominated for the post of Chancellor of Germany, this is the most likely successor to Merkel. There is even no doubt that regardless of the opinion of ordinary Germans about this politician, he will become the chancellor. And then, as they say, the living will envy the dead. For if, as the head of the region, he covered and controlled anti-Semitism in one area, then what will happen if he becomes the head of the whole country.

In general, Jews with brains are already thinking about emigrating from Germany. Elena Abrams, a math teacher, also thought about emigrating from Germany to Israel, but a ruthless German machine took her son hostage. 15 years later, will the son remember his mother, that is the question.

“Remember your name”, remember this movie aus USSR?

If you forgot, it’s time to reconsider.

Teacher Abrams and her parents, father and mother, paid with their child.

Alina Belyavskaya pays constantly with money.

Works for 20 years and pays, pays and works.

It is impossible to explain these accounts.

What is written in the papers is incomprehensible to the mind.

What is written in the decisions of officials and courts, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” can not even be compared.

“It is better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times.”

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