In Germany, the court threatens a psychiatric hospital with a Russian German who exposed “business on children”

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Nikolay Erney.

German Themis appointed a compulsory psychiatric examination to the Russian German Nikolay Erney , who criticized the social welfare service for children in Germany. The compatriot himself fears that “the Germans will eventually kill me”, since he “revealed a lot of judicial corruption, exposing the business on children.”

In 2019, the Erney family was forced to leave Germany after their child was nearly strangled during class by a classmate, a native of Afghanistan. The school administration tried to extinguish the conflict, and the court forbade the transfer of his son to the school at the Russian diplomatic mission. Then the prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case against the head of the family for insult (Erney called the German court in the blogosphere “Nazi”).

During the trial in absentia, Nikolay Erney was sentenced to three months in prison, but his lawyer, Claus Plantiko, filed a complaint demanding an open trial. The day before, the court, having received a petition from the defense, appointed Erney a psychiatric examination with the justification that the father was dangerous to his children.

“Now if my wife, Maxim and Sofia, go to any country in the world, the children will be taken away by the local police and transferred to Germany. They were taken from me, since, in the opinion of the court and psychiatrists, I am dangerous to children, and taken from my wife, since she did not prevent this danger from me, – the compatriot commented to EADaily . “I think the Germans will kill me in the end, because I exposed judicial corruption, business on children and said it openly on the Internet.”

Currently, Nikolay Erney continues to be in Germany.

“I am forbidden to leave Germany, as I am a defendant in a criminal case, and my German and Russian passports are blocked. It is curious that the cost of the compulsory psychiatric examination assigned to me is 20 thousand euros, and the money goes from the German budget directly to the psychiatrist. That is, if the psychiatrist writes that the parent is healthy, then he risks not receiving these 20 thousand euros. The judge decides for himself which psychiatrist to give the order to – the court pays and the court orders the music to which the psychiatrist dances. This is such a punitive psychiatry. And in order to understand how much 20 thousand euros is a lot of money for a psychiatrist, I will give a comparison: when we formalized our son Maxim’s release from a German school, motivating that he was afraid for his life, the psychiatrist’s appointment cost 20 euros, ”the interlocutor of EADaily summed up .

EADaily reminds that Themis acted in a similar way in another EU country – Lithuania – in relation to the opposition public and political figure Giedrius Grabauskas , who heads the Socialist Popular Front. For appeals against NATO and the glorification of Nazi accomplices, as well as for denying the “Soviet occupation of Lithuania”, apsychiatric examination was assigned to Grabauskas. The leader of the Social Front fears that the conduct of a forensic psychiatric examination in the framework of a criminal case may become a reason to close him in a maximum security psychiatric hospital.

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