German social networks recalled how Navalny raised „Cheers to the Holocaust!“

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11 September 2020

The same collage about “best friend” Merkel. Illustration:

In German social networks, a collage is actively spreading, which depicts Alexei Navalny with a glass of wine against the background of the prisoners of Auschwitz. A Russian blogger who is in Germany as a “guest of the Chancellor” says from a poster: “The first toast to the Holocaust!”

The phrase from Navalny’s mouth is not a fake. In 2013, the influential Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post published an article in which it reported that at a party in the editorial office of The New Times, Navalny uttered a rhymed slogan: “First toast to the Holocaust!” Then Israeli journalists analyzed Navalny’s blog and found many anti-Semitic and openly pro-fascist statements. In particular, this phrase of the oppositionist:

“Anyone who wants to live in Russia must become Russian in the full sense of the word.”

Jerusalem Post article on “toast to the Holocaust” from Navalny.

In addition, the Jerusalem Post noted that “the so-called defender of Russian democracy, known in the West for his opposition to President Vladimir Putin and running for mayor of Moscow, causes fear and anxiety among Jews and other people because of his anti-Semitic and xenophobic statements.” Note that no apologies or denials from the blogger have been made since that time. But then the first vice-president of the World Congress of Russian-speaking Jewry Valery Engel spoke out :”The manner and bravado of the word ‘Holocaust’ seems ridiculous to Navalny, but for millions of people, including in the Russian Federation, and not only Jews, this is not funny – it is tragic, sad and even dangerous.”

Against this background, the reception of Navalny in Germany at the highest level looks like a mockery of the memory of the victims of the Nazis, according to Internet users from Germany. According to the head of the European Information Center for Human Rights (Austria) Harry Moorey , this is “a slap in the face to the entire Jewish people.”“The outlines of the past are increasingly enveloping Germany. More and more human rights defenders and lawyers come to the idea that Germany is a country with a fascist past and, unfortunately, a fascist present. Even in the German “Wikipedia” it is said in black and white that Navalny took part in the ultra-right “Russian Marches” for at least four years – for the Germans they are definitely fascists. And if you dig around the Internet, then this disgusting “toast to the Holocaust” is also easy to find. However, Navalny’s anti-Semitic views in the West are not covered in any way and, most likely, will not be covered, despite the fact that such dubious remarks fall under German law. If Merkel warmed a fascist and an anti-Semite, then who is she herself? ” – Harry Moorey, commented to EADaily.

In turn, the Russian German social activist Nikolai Erney drew a parallel with the sad story that happened with the former compatriot Vladimir Braginsky , a Jew by blood, who suffered from the German authorities because of his own investigation of the situation of the Jewish population in Germany at the beginning of the XXI century.“In June 2020, a remarkable man, Vladimir Mikhailovich Braginsky, the author of the book“ Immigration of Jews to Germany. Manipulation of Consciousness and Ethical Aspect “, which in 2009 said that” Jews cannot live in Germany. ” He moved to West Germany from the Soviet Union in 1992, but after living there for several years, he realized that Germany was hiding information about the situation of Jews in the country. Moreover, he came to the conviction that the very idea of ​​a post-war settlement of Jews in Germany was a product of Nazi thinking, and the goal of organizing Jewish immigration to Germany was to falsify history. As a result, a criminal case was fabricated against Braginsky by the German prosecutor’s office, and he was forced to flee from Germany to Russia” Erney told EADaily.

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