Free the Jews from German captivity!

Dear Rabbi Marvin Hier,

Dear employees of Simon Wiesenthal Centre

Dear President of the United States of America Mr. Donald Trump,

Dear Congressmen of the U.S. Congress,

Dear Deputies of the Democratic and Republican Parties of the USA,

Dear Senators of the U.S. Senate,

Dear President of Israel Mr. Reuven Rivlin,

Dear Deputies of the Israel Parliament.

An Open Letter of Appeal to the World Community.

Free the Jews from German captivity!

Dear Rabbi Marvin Hier, the employees of Simon Wiesenthal Centre, President of the United States of America Mr. Donald Trump, Congressmen of the U.S. Congress, Deputies of the Democratic and Republican Parties of the USA, Senators of the U.S. Senate, President of Israel Mr. Reuven Rivlin, Deputies of the Israel Parliament,

I, Nikolaus Erney, a German, living in Germany, address You on behalf of the victims of anti-Semitism, citizens of the Jewish people in Germany in 2009-2019.

All TV channels of the world spread the news of German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, visiting the Auschwitz death camp, placing a wreath to the victims of Nazism, repenting for the Nazi crimes committed in 1931-1945.

Angela Merkel repented for the crimes committed 88 years ago, in 1931-2019.

Personally I am sure that in 2107, 88 years on from 2019, another German Chancellor will be as well repenting and placing wreaths on the graves of Jews killed in 2019.

The only hope is for You, that You will make public the information about these anti-Jew crimes, and the criminals who are now alive and continue to hold offices in modern Germany will receive just punishment right now.

Because it’s very easy for Angela Merkel to repent for the crimes since 1931, when the culprits are already in their graves, and it’s very uneasy for Angela Merkel to repent for the contemporary crimes against the Jews in Germany.

The Germans have been kidnapping Jewish children for many years, laundering money by maintenance of Jewish children in foster families and not returning Jewish children to Jewish parents despite all court proceedings.

1. NRW, Cologne, the Cologne authorities, the Cologne Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Cologne courts, the Cologne police, the Cologne psychiatry, the Cologne Jugendamt. A case in which the family names of all guilty German judges, officials and persons concerned are known.

Victims: Vladimir Braginsky, Marina Braginsky, Nikita Braginsky, David Braginsky.

Jews from Russia, the Braginsky family, were prevented from moving to Russia or Israel by the German authorities.

A Jewish child, David Braginsky, was humiliated and insulted at the German school, he refused to go to German school, and as a result he, a Jewish child, ill with blood cancer, leukemia, was put by the Germans twice in a mental institution where he was threatened by death and denied walks in the fresh air, which may be fatal for those ill with leukemia.

The father, Vladimir Braginsky, was deprived of parental rights for David Braginsky and forbidden to approach his son closer than 100 meters.

Eventually the Jewess Marina Braginsky died of stress in Germany, Nikita Braginsky disowned his father and swore an eternal oath to “great” Germany, David Braginsky escaped from the German mental institution and together with his father, Vladimir Braginsky, they swam the river on the Polish-Belarusian border and fled from prosecution by the German authorities to Russia.

Vladimir Braginsky published a book “The Jews can’t live in Germany, Juden können nicht in Deutschland leben” on the Internet, was thrown out on the street with his son David, deprived of all property, deprived of medical help, deprived of social security benefits, deprived of sustenance, his 6-year old son David suffering the same pains as the Jews in times of Holocaust, at a very young age.

2. Town of Bingen am Rhein. An old Jewish woman Bella Mitrofanova at the age of 74 was broken her arm at the catholic service Caritas established for help and dispensation of food to the poor. In Germany the catholic Caritas is the operator of food stores for starving Jews. The person responsible has a relation to Caritas but by virtue of recognized mental disorder was not subject to any punishment. Following the publications about a broken arm and anti-Semitism, Bella Mitrofanova was accused by the same anti-Semite of inflicting damage and breaking her phone. In this way the old woman Bella Mitrofanova was punished for the very fact of disclosure of anti-Semitism.

3. NRW, the city of Melle, the Jewess Elena Abrahams is separated from her child by her former husband, who has beaten her and the child on repeated occasions, eventually Elena Abrahams secured the conviction of her husband but the husband succeeded in having his son, a Jewish child of Elena Abrahams, the boy Adrian Jungblut, taken away from his mother by the Jugendamt Child Protective Service, and his grandmother and grandfather have had no contact with their grandson for some years. It was very easy for the former husband to arrange that as he is a politician of high rank in one of the ruling parties in Germany – SPD.

The grandson’s grandfather and grandmother, David and Elena Abrahams, certified academicians, a construction engineer and a microbiologist, at the age of 79 and 77, in summer of 2019 addressed open letters to the German Chancellor Merkel and the President of Germany Steinmeier saying that the Germany of 2019 has clear parallels with the Germany of 1933, referred to multiple laws of Germany in 2019 and 1933, and asked to bring them back their grandson Adrian, so that the grandfather and grandmother could emigrate with their grandson to Israel.

Return of grandson to the family was denied. The emigration of Jewish child to Israel from Germany was denied.

4. For 200-400 EUR of so-called debt, Jews in Germany may face imprisonment up to 6 months of prison, without any court decision. I have available two samples of such notices to the Jewish old people.

5. The Jewish children are subjected to medical experiments with the use of medical supplies unknown to science, allegedly to fight cancer.

Notably in 2010 a Jewish boy from Russia, Serezha Okhezin, was injected with an anti-cancer medication unknown to science, after the boy’s condition worsened he was disconnected from the artificial life support systems and the corpse, the boy’s body without inner organs, was returned to the parents in Russia. After an uproar in the media in Russia, the Germans returned a part of the boy’s organs in a parcel from Germany to Russia, but until present it is quite unknown whether they were the organs of deceased Jewish boy or the organs of other corpses from the mortuary of the clinic in Germany.

6. In 2019 the Jews from Belarus paid 300,000 EUR for therapy of their son in Germany. Ultimately their son died during the operation and the clinic billed 450,000 EUR, from which, with consideration for 300,000 EUR already paid, the parents still had to pay 150,000 EUR and therefore the clinic refused to give the body of son for burial to the parents.

7. All the mentioned as well as thousands of other unmentioned cases, can’t be published in the German media because of fiercest censorship in the form of public broadcasting fee; by the official data, 12 billion EUR are collected annually as broadcasting fee, which leads to all German media being directed and controlled by the German government through this fee.

8. The courts in Germany are the elements of executive power, so a reference to the court with respect to actions against Germany for any German resident ends with persecution against the claimant itself, and his/her family, relatives, the close ones and the social circle.

9. After processing of case, the judges in Germany, in order to avoid personal responsibility for the awarded sentences, do not sign the judgments, there are no signatures at all, sometimes false judges taking part in the court processes, which are not competent to be judges and didn’t give an oath.

10. German defense attorneys, by their status, are a division of German court. Therefore no German defense attorney will ever dispute in court with the officials, with the judges or with the prosecutors. German attorneys play with marked cards against their clients.

11. German court sessions are prohibited to be filmed on video or broadcast by media, therefore the German judges have no fear of falsifications and arbitrariness in the proceedings; German judges know that nobody will ever know about it anyway.

12. In case a Jewish child gets beaten up in German school and Jewish parents make a noise and turn against the violence, the school governing body gets the agency for protection of children’s rights involved in the conflict and the Jewish children are taken away from Jewish families, further place of living of the child being unknown; all over the world such behaviour is treated as kidnapping or taking of hostages, and only in Germany the said crimes are in the nature of things.

Attachment to the letter

1. Foto “1. Braginskiy – Juden können nicht in Deutschland leben”

2. Foto “2. Bella Mitrofanova”

3. Open letter 3. 2019-06-19 Helene Abrams to the President of Germany Steinmeier

4. Open letter 3. 2019-06-30 Information to Armin Laschet Prime Minister of NRW about anti-Jewish discrimination in Germany

5. Open letter 3. 2019-07-28 David Abrams and Helene Abrams to Chancellor Angela Merkel

6. Foto 4. Arrest warrant due to 210,72 EUR

7. Foto 4. Arrest warrant due to 480,90 EUR

8. Foto 5. Serezha Okhezin alive in Russia

9. Foto 5. Serezha Okhezin death in Germany

Yours respectfully,

Nikolaus Erney